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Help protect Dartmouth Cove

UPDATE - Transport Canada rescinding its approval to Atlantic Road Construction and Paving on the Dartmouth Cove infill proposal

What is being proposed?

A developer affiliated with Atlantic Road Construction and Paving (ARCP) has applied for a permit to fill in Dartmouth Cove with pyritic slate and quarry rock from local excavation sites.  The project sponsors are saying this will last 2 years but their original proposal suggested 6 years.


The resulting moonscape is not for the benefit of the community, but only as a means of getting rid of excavation materials.

Trucks and heavy machinery for several years

Using access from Maitland Street, the proposal outlines using dump trucks over a period of 2-6 years to bring in pyritic slate and other fill.

10,000 Truck loads of contruction debris

The developer has applied to infill this water lot with 99,700 cubic metres of material from local excavation sites, or the equivalent of 3 football fields.

Environmental Impact

Years of industrial silt sitting in a neutral state at the bottom of the cove will most likely be stirred up and wreak havoc on the fish and other wildlife within the cove. This includes fish, lobster, seals, river otters and over 100 species of bird that have been observed in the Cove.

Future Development?

While the developer’s proposal states that the newly created land could be used for future development. under the current rules it would be zoned for parkland only. So there is no clarity on what would become of the property beyond being a mass of rubble and rock. 


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JUNE 2024

In a huge win for the community, Transport Canada is starting the process of walking back its approval issued to Atlantic Road Construction and Paving for their infill proposal in Dartmouth Cove.

Following the Centre for Ocean Venture and Entrepreneurship's (COVE's) request for a judicial review of the decision, Transport Canada has made the move to rescind the approval.

This allows the Municipality somewhat of a "do-over" to ensure that the proper bylaws are in place for when the proposal does get tabled again. Councillor Austin's request for a staff report on preparing bylaw changes to help restrict infill within Dartmouth Cove was passed at Council's last session. We need to ensure that the pressure is kept on HRM to take action in a timely manner.


The proposed infill area

The infill area outlined in the proposal would stretch from just past Maitland Street all the way to Parker Street next to The Cove facility. 


What can be done?

Make our community's voice heard

If you are a resident of the Dartmouth Cove area, a user of the trail and the waterfront, or just someone who is interested in preserving our natural habitats, there are steps that we can take to prevent this infill.

The infill project has wide reaching impacts for the surrounding community. To better understand how the project affects these areas, and who to contact regarding these concerns, please reference our communication guide to help make our voices heard.


Federal Contacts

The proposal is currently under federal review. You can contact the Member of Parliament for Dartmouth - Cole Harbour to let him know your opposition.

Let the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard
know that this coastline is too precious to lose.

Transport Canada has approved the application, but you can still express your disapproval with the decision. You can reach out to them directly by contacting the Minister.

Dartmouth Cove is home to various fish, birds, otters and seals. Let the Minister of Environment and Climate Change know that habitat shouldn't be infilled.

Your local officials


HRM controls access to Maitland Street where the developer wants to dump from. Email  Sam Austin, councillor for Dartmouth Centre, and Mayor Mike Savage, to ensure your voice is heard!


Build Nova Scotia controls land which the developer will need to cross to dump. Kim Masland is the MLA that oversees Build NS. Hon. Tim Halman, provincial Minister of Environment and Climate Change, will also have a say in this project. 

Get in Touch

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Sign the Petition

To show local officials community opposition for project, please add your name to the petition. 

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