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How to help

Government needs to hear from the community on this issue, Make your voice heard and reach out to the contacts below. Be sure to follow up often and keep this matter top of mind.

June 12 Public Meeting Presentation Available Here (PDF)

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

This federal department is in active review of the proposal from Atlantic Road Construction and Paving. Public outreach has already deferred their decision and more letters are needed. Any type of evidential support for rejecting this proposal is especially beneficial as the developer will likely take them to court if the proposal is declined. For suggestions on how to start your letter, see this post for a template. 

Contact the Department of Fisheries

Halifax City Council 

Council took initiative to help regulate infill activities in the Northwest Arm - and they have stopped short of doing the same for Dartmouth Cove. They have explained their inaction based on a lack of cooperation from the Federal Government, but have not suggested other ways that this can be prevented. This is a larger HRM issue where they need to look at restricting infill in the Harbour where it's unwarranted. 

Contact City Council

NS Department of Environment

Pyritic slate disposal needs to be approved by the provinical department of environment. If this proposal is approved by DFO, this file will be under review by the Nova Scotia Department of Environment. 

Contact the NS Department of Environment

Build Nova Scotia

In order to access the lot, Atlantic Road Construction and Paving will need to cross land owned by Build NS. They are currently reviewing this request from the developer. While the developer has close ties with the current Nova Scotia governement, this infill issue has far reaching impacts that the province needs to accurately assess. 

Contact Build Nova Scotia

Department of Transport

The Center for Ocean Venture and Entrepreneurship (COVE) has taken lega action against Transport Canada, asking them to overturn their decision to allow this infill to move forward. This proposal threatens how COVE can move forward with many of their research initiatives and programs. 

Contact the Department of Transport

Department of Defence

The Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) was recently announced as a new addition to the NATO DIANA program. COVE has expressed concerns via legal action around how they’ll continue to conduct certain research should this project move forward. This may have far reaching impacts for contracts and partnerships such as this that are bringing world class technologies to our harbour. 

Contact the Department of Defence

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