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About the Developer

An overview of who is proposing the infill of Dartmouth Cove.

  • A developer has submitted a proposal to Transport Canada to infill their pre-confederation waterlot (PID 00114132) with 99,700 m3 of pyritic slate.

  • The lot was purchased by a numbered company in April of 2021, with Bruce Wood, CFO of Atlantic Road Construction and Paving (ARCP), identified as the CEO.

  • In their official submission to Transport Canada, they have indicated the project will take 6 years and are hoping to begin August 1st, 2022.

"When we set out to develop a privately owned water lot in Dartmouth Cove, it was in the spirit of community-building and contributing even more to a vibrant, diverse, and growing community." - Bruce Wood

The quote above is taken from a Chronicle Herald editorial piece written by Bruce Wood regarding why Dartmouth Cove is "right for infilling". While he claims that the project is in the "spirit of community-building", Mr. Wood has yet to partake in any type of community outreach, and the public was not even made aware of this proposal until it was publicly posted on the federal website for the Navigation Protection Program Registry. Given that the original intended start date of the project was August 2022, this claim of community-building is most definitely a reaction to the public outrage surrounding the proposal.

The land was purchased by a numbered company, with Mr. Wood listed as the CEO, in April of 2021 in a private sale. Pre-Confederation water lots, such as the one purchased, are unique in that there are only certain areas of federal jurisdiction that oversee their use. The municipality and the province have very little say over how these lots can be used.

Mr. Wood is the CFO of Atlantic Construction and Paving, the company that appears to be the company leading the development. Atlantic Road Construction and Paving (ARCP) is owned by Brad Hickey and Tom Hickey.

ARCP has applied to Develop Nova Scotia to permit access across their property to the water lot in question. Develop Nova Scotia has given conditional approval to ARCP pending additional information regarding their communications plan and long-term vision.


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