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July Updates

As the Federal Government reviews the proposal to infill the lot, Atlantic Road Construction and Paving (ARCP) is continuing to move forward.

Following the June 10th submission deadline for public feedback, the federal government received close to 500 submissions through the Navigation Protection Program Registry website. The application is currently undergoing review and there is no current timeline for approval or feedback.

Atlantic Road Construction and Paving is moving forward with their plans while they wait for approval from Transport Canada. They have made a formal request to Develop Nova Scotia (DNS) to access their water lot by crossing DNS's land along the waterfront trail.

ARCP has been granted conditional approval by DNS subject to providing more information on their communication plan, mitigation measures and time-line (up to 2 years versus 6 years of infilling). Specific information on the assessment criteria used for this application was not provided.

Develop Nova Scotia states on their website that “We use places as tools to attract people to Nova Scotia and bring people together in pursuit of common goals. Everything we do is grounded in the focus areas of Thriving Communities, Authentic Destinations, and Working Waterfronts—and our

sweet spot is stewarding projects that enhance quality of life and community well-being, build

local pride and momentum, and grow our economy.”

For those that live in the area and use the waterfront trail, this infill project will be a significant negative impact to the quality of life and community well-being. It's challenging to see how this project aligns with DNS's mandate.

If you'd like to share your thoughts about this project with the Economic Development Minister, Hon. Susan Corkum-Greek, who oversees Develop Nova Scotia, you can contact her at the address included below.

Hon. Susan Corkum Greek

Department of Economic Development

CIBC Building

1809 Barrington Street, Suite M103

Halifax, NS

B3J 3K8

Phone: 902-424-0377

The highlighted yellow area shows the Develop Nova Scotia lot that ARCP has requested to cross.


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